Five Shows to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

There are many US shows that can help you reach your fitness goals, including The Biggest Loser, The Doctors, and The Dr Oz Show. These shows feature the expertise of doctors and health and wellness experts, who are extremely motivating in their approach to health and weight loss.

These health shows are available to watch on cable. If you do not have the luxury of cable in your home, a cable TV advisor can advise you on the best deal for your budget.

The Biggest Loser US

This US show began in 2004 and features obese and overweight individuals who are pushed through their paces by heath and wellness experts in a bid to lose the most weight. The individual who loses the most weight wins a cash prize, but it is not an easy process. The Biggest Loser starts with the individuals being weighed in. Three teams are formed; with each team wearing a different colored t-shirt. There may be one specific trainer allocated to each team, or a number of health and fitness experts may offer his or her advice to all contestants. It is the role of the trainer to design the workouts and nutrition plans to encourage their team to lose the most weight. Each contestant will face temptation along the path, and the contestants who participate in the challenges can gain immunity from the vote off stage.

The Dr Oz Show

This natural health and fitness show is chock block full of expert tips on how to heal, detoxify, and energize your body so that it is working at its optimum best to fight illness and disease. Dr Oz offers his own advice, and there are other specialist doctors offering their advice in the field of health, nutrition, and fitness. The topics on the Dr Oz website covers addiction, alternative health, anti-aging, heart health, oral health, and many more. If you are overweight and feel lethargic, the last thing you may want to do is to exercise. Dr Oz’ approved cleanses can help you to shed weight quickly so that you feel more energized to exercise.

The Doctors

The Doctors is a US medical show that features a group of doctors, ER physician Dr Travis Stork, pediatrician Dr James Sears, plastic surgeon Dr Andrew Ordon, and obstetrics and gynecology Dr Lisa Masterson who call themselves ‘America’s Medical Dream Team’. If you are in search of further knowledge on the latest medical breakthroughs or want to learn more about how to navigate toward a healthy lifestyle, The Doctors will provide you with expert knowledge to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Episodes featured on The Doctors include super foods and how to eat yourself healthy, how to successfully come off medications, and more.

To Summarize

There are a key number of health-focused shows that can help you to get motivated toward making a change toward your health and fitness goals. You can watch The Dr Oz Show, The Doctor’s, and The Bigger Loser US on cable.

Courtney Whitehead is a fitness instructor and mom of three. In her spare time, she likes to share her know-how by blogging on the Internet.

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